Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ass Mobile Sales Booth

Geoff Murchie and the Assman cleaned up this old goggle case a couple weeks ago. It's actually so sexy it sells product. The case is located at the Darkside Okemo location. Most stores are still scared of Ass Wax in V.T. Not the Murch man though. He is a true assman. Viva la Murch!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"I LOVE ASS" TM bumper stickers are baaack..

It's been a while but here we go. Limited numbers so get-er done! Click on the link to the right to get it done.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Zito is a cheezball. R.I.P

If you haven't heard all bout it by now you probably shouldn't. Life lesson's learned in Cambridge will never be forgotten. First time I ever saw a guy suck Redbones bbq sauce off of his fingers mixed with go-cart motor oil. Classic story of my dad pulling a couple twenty dollar bills out of his running short's by his ball sack, to pay for my Tom Knox Santa Cruz deck. Sopping wet mid July stank nut sauce, Zito still accepted the cash. From that day forward Ken liked my dad I think more than my panzy ass. Z.T. MAXIMUS will never die! Who has pics of the Powell demo from like 1990????

Bumpa Sticka's are back fo dat ass!

Bumpa stickers wiil be available online for $3 in a day or so. Need to figure out big carte.com. ish.

FREE Hot Ass Wax at Darkside Okemo.

Come one come all. We will be outside waxing whips this Saturday from noon till 5' oclock FREE of charge. Ass Wax and new 2009 "State of the Fart" bumper stickers and die cuts will be for sale. Get yo ass waxed! Snowboards only please at this location. We love two planks but Darkside is a snowboard store...