Thursday, February 28, 2008

Some people say..

Spacecraft Art Show.

Had a good time at the Spacecraft art show. The drinks seemed to be a bit funny. Maybee some roofie's or something was in them. Saw some girl puking on the way out in the car. The next day was brutal but we pulled it together for some runs over in the secret society...

Here's a picture of Ryan in the slalom. He waxed his board with that ass. I was happy it ran well as it could have been very tragic later for me. Ryan would have sent me off a deadly cliff or something if it was slow. Didn't get pics of Josh because I had ants in my pants and couldnt stop riding.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Here kitty... kitty

I fukin hate cats. No really, Its weird, ive always been crazy allergic to them. Ive dissected two in my life. One in high school and one in college. We tried to smuggle one out in high school but got bagged. So anyways we went to Canada came back on a long drive, pulled in at 1am at the and chilled. Megs all " I keep hearing something under the bed. Im all " Na your trippin". Go to get under the covers, and inspect the sheets like I always do. I usually sleep on top of the sheets in a sleeping bag at hotels scared of sperms and weird shit. Get in see the stain and think..."Hmm its a pattern sheet or something. Deep breath..put my hand on that, and trip! Its wet. You sleep horizontal, ill sleep on the couch. Wake up at like 2am, and heard some weird noise. Now im fuchin psycho, "were outy" lets sleep in the car. Come back the next day and find the little RAT under the box spring.

I would have liked to pick this cat up by the tail and hucked it into the trailer park right next door. Turns out some crazy bitch in the trailer park has like a billion cats and this little sucker got sneeky and pissed everywhere. Meg smelled my hand after I put it in the piss and said it was a boy cat. Boy cat piss doesnt smell like ammonia she said. This summer I would like to wax a cat, any donors.......

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wet and Deep fo the Peeps!

If any body can tell us how to turn off the underline thing we will 
send you a free sticker....


Monday, February 18, 2008

Mount Baker is most BITCHIN!

Dont eat the mushrooms in the forest they will make you feel funny..

Gonna post pics throughout the next week or so of our little trip. Fun times, we laughed..we cried*** Big things, here is a couple pics more to come..
Peep the asslab....

More from B4BC

These lovely ladies were supporters and killed the rail setup!

Two weeks late here it is....Boarding for Breast Cancer at Waterville


Thanks everybody for coming out to Waterville Valley. We did big things and raised some loot for awareness. Good times were had by all and we will have more pics coming soon...