Wednesday, May 28, 2008


All has been good this summer so far. Went to a couple car shows this year. Schoolhouse Ice Cream on Sundays in Burlington MA is bangin. Pictured here is a 500hp plus equiped 67 GTO. It has a five speed manual tranny and has been pampered its whole life. Its my buddies dads.Heard it fire up the first time when my friend just had rebuilt the motor. He needed a second eye when firing it up the first time. I was standing in front of the car leaning in under the hood while Billy cranked the key. It's timing was way off as expected and burped raw gasoline into the air that was on fire. It looked like napalm landing all over the front fenders and engine bay. I started screeming and blowing flaming gas balls of fuel off of the fenders. Port matched and polished heads, oiling tricks I wont tell, and stroked..AC on it will burn rubber through all five gears...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Still More Ass Games..

Im steamed out a bit. One more weekend of riding. Been lazy as the sun is coming out. Wax lab gets fired up soon. Gonna have some fun stuff planned. Anybody wanna get to work??

Monday, April 7, 2008

Ass Games Ass Cross!

Ass Cross was a success! Difficulty of the course weeded out the scared. Thanks everybody for coming. We will be posting more pics over the next couple days. Legend Brian Barb gives us a little blast of his ass. Tommy J. poppin a firecracker.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Call us 24hrs!!!

This is the best thing Ass has seen this week. I wanted to see this for three years. This is our first new graphic in a long minute. I got up early to go to my buddy's new re-built from scratch, screen printing machine. Anodized, greased, and bitchin! No one builds a better machine..Challenger #1! Thanks Lester and Kyle. I wanna blow that bitch up one day. Mulch did the State of the Fart graphic. Untouchable and timeless.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Im Kissing Toilet Flusher's Goodbye!!!

Ive had about 10 jobs in my life. Springs Brook Park, Friendly's, painting houses, landscaping, house demolition, Grenade, Composites,Purity Supreme, Eastern Boarder and this one making toilet flushers. I took it in desperate need to fund Ass. It did me well, and got me going again. But the hours 5-2am were just as shitty as the flusher. I never quit a job and said " I hate my job". But this one blew! I always woke up cranky on Saturday and never brushed off that mild no sleep hangover by Monday. Boss was a complete bozo with no respect for others. Good luck running the late night guys. You never wanted to work as a team or act like one. Actually call our new number if you need help, 1-900-BITCH-ASS!!!

Ass Industries Catalog 1998!

Here is our catalog. This catalog is "State of the Fart"! Everybody wants to see a catalog from Ass. So here it is. Check out the first wax pieces poured by Jamie Chomo. Nice two color blends. Very tricky to make as they must bond at the right temperature. Ass wipes were a great promo piece and are still the best goggle bags, if we get the time to make a few...We need a heavy duty Singer sewing machine. Anybody got one? Riders shown are Jaime MCcloud, Nick Francke, Erich Rehbein, MFM, and Devun Walsh. The team was so nasty and still is. People were down just because..

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cruisin for a Bruizin..

Timberlands and some hot pink gloves from K-mart were bitchin to ride dirty in. I didnt want to wear snow pants on the trip cause they looked all stoops an ish. Usually wore jeans on the school trips to Wa-Wa. Me and Mike MCcalister were the only shredders at school at the time. He had a Burtum Performer. He was good but gave up early in the game as well as his three older brothers. I dropped all school sports in the trash about this time soccer, taekwondo, track. It was time to skate and shred and drop the jock strap...
***Burton+Forum =Burtum This will be a "colabo" I imagine in 2020

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Stratton Mountain 1988 First Road Trip.

My dad took me and my friend Booger up to V.T after two or three trips to Wachusset. It snowed like crazy and it was the first time I rode powder. We were pissing ourselves going up the lift with like a foot of fresh. Waxed are boards with the wrong ski wax and stuck right off of the lift. Had to get them tuned and missed first tracks. Epic rest of the day though. I learned how to really carve that day and got a photo. Im looking for it....Thanks pops!

New England Cup 1989

Waterville Valley 1988 New England Cup Contest. Probably got a good 3" of air. Half pipe was so good that day. Probably should have just tail blocked the lip.

Division 23 R.I.P

This was a gift to Joey McGuire from Peter Line. This was Peter's first pro-model. I mean first as in number one off of the production line went to the man himself. Division 23 was the illest company in the early 90's. Some reason they thought they needed myself on the East Coast to be pro. All the boards exploded within minutes. I must have gone through 10-15 a season. Kept a stack in the trunk of the whip, like skate decks. The owner decided it was time to team up with Mack Dawg and start Forum a few years later. My dad actually sat down with all the big dawgs and helped write the original Forum business plan. Trip on that shit!!!! He should have asked for a small percentage, instead of money. Take that info to business school kids.

100% Humidity

Ahhhh shhhhit!

Pinski and myself kickin it in the Mt. Baker Sauna lodge. He's the man behind scenes at alot of places. Does all of Kass's graphics pretty much.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Some people say..

Spacecraft Art Show.

Had a good time at the Spacecraft art show. The drinks seemed to be a bit funny. Maybee some roofie's or something was in them. Saw some girl puking on the way out in the car. The next day was brutal but we pulled it together for some runs over in the secret society...

Here's a picture of Ryan in the slalom. He waxed his board with that ass. I was happy it ran well as it could have been very tragic later for me. Ryan would have sent me off a deadly cliff or something if it was slow. Didn't get pics of Josh because I had ants in my pants and couldnt stop riding.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Here kitty... kitty

I fukin hate cats. No really, Its weird, ive always been crazy allergic to them. Ive dissected two in my life. One in high school and one in college. We tried to smuggle one out in high school but got bagged. So anyways we went to Canada came back on a long drive, pulled in at 1am at the and chilled. Megs all " I keep hearing something under the bed. Im all " Na your trippin". Go to get under the covers, and inspect the sheets like I always do. I usually sleep on top of the sheets in a sleeping bag at hotels scared of sperms and weird shit. Get in see the stain and think..."Hmm its a pattern sheet or something. Deep breath..put my hand on that, and trip! Its wet. You sleep horizontal, ill sleep on the couch. Wake up at like 2am, and heard some weird noise. Now im fuchin psycho, "were outy" lets sleep in the car. Come back the next day and find the little RAT under the box spring.

I would have liked to pick this cat up by the tail and hucked it into the trailer park right next door. Turns out some crazy bitch in the trailer park has like a billion cats and this little sucker got sneeky and pissed everywhere. Meg smelled my hand after I put it in the piss and said it was a boy cat. Boy cat piss doesnt smell like ammonia she said. This summer I would like to wax a cat, any donors.......

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wet and Deep fo the Peeps!

If any body can tell us how to turn off the underline thing we will 
send you a free sticker....


Monday, February 18, 2008

Mount Baker is most BITCHIN!

Dont eat the mushrooms in the forest they will make you feel funny..

Gonna post pics throughout the next week or so of our little trip. Fun times, we laughed..we cried*** Big things, here is a couple pics more to come..
Peep the asslab....

More from B4BC

These lovely ladies were supporters and killed the rail setup!

Two weeks late here it is....Boarding for Breast Cancer at Waterville


Thanks everybody for coming out to Waterville Valley. We did big things and raised some loot for awareness. Good times were had by all and we will have more pics coming soon...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Boarding for Breast Cancer

Ass Industries Wax Rally at Waterville B4BC Event

On Sunday February 3rd Waterville Valley resort will partner with Boarding for Breast Cancer for the 3rd year to raise dollars and awareness for the fight against breast cancer. New for this year Ass Industries will be on site for a special wax clinic. Yes that means free hot ass snowboard waxings. Ass Industries are the makers of such fine products like the infamous Haul Ass Wax, Tight Ass Hardware, soft goods such as beanies, T-shirts, the innovative Ass Wipe goggle system and of course some of the finest stickers this side if the Mississippi. There will be an early sticker release of the B4BC hot pink donkey stickers to represent the event. Twenty custom crocheted pink themed beanies made by Ass Industries will be for sale with all profits going to B4BC. With team members ranging from our own Terrain park manager Luke Mathison, Tanner McCarty and the flying radish Colleen Quigley know this wax is fast! Along with the Pink Rail Jam there will be an out of hand raffle with Ultimate Women’s set-ups and a ton of other products! Raffle tickets will be on sale all day Saturday 2/2 and Sunday 2/3 for a price of $2 a piece or 6 for $10. Registration for the rail jam will be from 8am-10am in our Events Yurt located at the bottom of our Exhibition Terrain Park. The rail jam is open to all, skier and riders. So you only have one choice, get here and help raise some money for B4BC! Click here to check some of the pink raffle prizes.
For more info on this event check for info on all Ass Industries products peep

Friday, January 25, 2008

Early Color Proto's

 Just some ass that was poured last summer. Got the new color and scent in and tried them out. Wax was to soft and made them do strange things. Purple ones came out the best.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dripzy doo-doo snacks

This bottle of wax smells really good. It took a couple months of wax leftovers to complete.  

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

340 HP/390 FT.LBS

 Ruby dinged her bucket a couple weeks ago, she feels good today. Im so glad her record doesn't skip. Happy Thursday mi amigos!

   Saw it at a jeep dealer *(see pict. below) used. Only had 26,000 miles. Never seen a winter, one ding, one scratch, sold! rough Idle, fading headlights at low RPM'S bonus! I found a real American shit box.

Second coat of flat black. It came shipped on a sketchy truck from Alabama. Faded blue for a nickel. Paid Justin G. some devils lettuce and a couple bucks. 

B5 Blue in the sun smells so good!

 I read about these for over a decade. Small block 354ci. = 5.7 litre. I only read cubes man. This litre thing is some George Wubble-U bull shiz.

What a big Blog you have..!

Iam going to actually update this blog site frequently. Its way easier to use then all the other stuff. Website will still be at .This is better for loading photos and updates. Going to Loon this weekend both days. Should be good. Feb 3rd Waterville Valley we will be running shit at Boarding For Breast Cancer. New Donkey stickers, hot ass waxing, brew.

Old Tight Ass Hardware Postcards

I dont think Dan ever put these in print. Found a floppy disk with all this stuff. Had to go to Comp USA buy a floppy disk thing open all the stuff and copy it. Returned the floppy thing and saved a buck. Nick Franke did all of this stuff I think... Including the 3D eggs in a pan Ass logo.