Friday, December 30, 2011

Which Wax Works Best?

The results are in and Haul Ass Wax took first place! With a 8.5 second drag strip time between an average of three runs. We smoked the second place competitor by a full tenth. If you prefer casing jumps and your friends waiting up for you don't try our wax.

Minister of Eastern Propaganda

Pat Bridges has waxed some ass in his day.

Ass Wipe Goggle System

1998 was a good year.

Who Cares?

Shane Flood carried the Ass flag since the beginning. He worked at a factory in R.I. 3rd shift making wax lips. Would drive to Wachusett Mtn. and ride till 10p.m and repeat. On the weekends he would drive to Waterville Valley and get at it again. He busted his balls to get where he got. Floyd would blow his clutch mentally every time he rode. This is when he would transform into a savage Floyd. Kink rails were his bitch before a lot of riders knew how to 50-50 a 12 stair. I owe you a beer or five when I get to Portland one of these days Flood. Thanks.

Tight Ass

Did the El Gato Negro sketch this ass?

1998 "This Ain't No Pickle Party"

Check the retro team list. Kinda got roots right??

Year 2000..

2000-2001 Catalog

Ass Industrial Corp.

Poured and raised in Boston guy. Get pissah!