Wednesday, January 23, 2008

340 HP/390 FT.LBS

 Ruby dinged her bucket a couple weeks ago, she feels good today. Im so glad her record doesn't skip. Happy Thursday mi amigos!

   Saw it at a jeep dealer *(see pict. below) used. Only had 26,000 miles. Never seen a winter, one ding, one scratch, sold! rough Idle, fading headlights at low RPM'S bonus! I found a real American shit box.

Second coat of flat black. It came shipped on a sketchy truck from Alabama. Faded blue for a nickel. Paid Justin G. some devils lettuce and a couple bucks. 

B5 Blue in the sun smells so good!

 I read about these for over a decade. Small block 354ci. = 5.7 litre. I only read cubes man. This litre thing is some George Wubble-U bull shiz.

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