Wednesday, May 28, 2008


All has been good this summer so far. Went to a couple car shows this year. Schoolhouse Ice Cream on Sundays in Burlington MA is bangin. Pictured here is a 500hp plus equiped 67 GTO. It has a five speed manual tranny and has been pampered its whole life. Its my buddies dads.Heard it fire up the first time when my friend just had rebuilt the motor. He needed a second eye when firing it up the first time. I was standing in front of the car leaning in under the hood while Billy cranked the key. It's timing was way off as expected and burped raw gasoline into the air that was on fire. It looked like napalm landing all over the front fenders and engine bay. I started screeming and blowing flaming gas balls of fuel off of the fenders. Port matched and polished heads, oiling tricks I wont tell, and stroked..AC on it will burn rubber through all five gears...

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Hey This Madeline Andrews (Maddy),

I met you at Loon yesterday and you told me to contact you through this page. I am still very interested in your help and If you are still interested please shoot me an e-mail. My e-mail address is