Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Division 23 R.I.P

This was a gift to Joey McGuire from Peter Line. This was Peter's first pro-model. I mean first as in number one off of the production line went to the man himself. Division 23 was the illest company in the early 90's. Some reason they thought they needed myself on the East Coast to be pro. All the boards exploded within minutes. I must have gone through 10-15 a season. Kept a stack in the trunk of the whip, like skate decks. The owner decided it was time to team up with Mack Dawg and start Forum a few years later. My dad actually sat down with all the big dawgs and helped write the original Forum business plan. Trip on that shit!!!! He should have asked for a small percentage, instead of money. Take that info to business school kids.

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arild said...

lol i had that one back in the days. the black one with colored rainbow on the base. my friend had the white one and his rainbow was color on top and b/w on base! i had that board for like 4-5 years and every once in a while i got comments from old skoolers like me complimenting this board.

i think i will have to buy it back from the kid who bought this from me, and break it out on special occations