Thursday, March 20, 2008

Im Kissing Toilet Flusher's Goodbye!!!

Ive had about 10 jobs in my life. Springs Brook Park, Friendly's, painting houses, landscaping, house demolition, Grenade, Composites,Purity Supreme, Eastern Boarder and this one making toilet flushers. I took it in desperate need to fund Ass. It did me well, and got me going again. But the hours 5-2am were just as shitty as the flusher. I never quit a job and said " I hate my job". But this one blew! I always woke up cranky on Saturday and never brushed off that mild no sleep hangover by Monday. Boss was a complete bozo with no respect for others. Good luck running the late night guys. You never wanted to work as a team or act like one. Actually call our new number if you need help, 1-900-BITCH-ASS!!!

1 comment:

muzzey said...

that ass funded by toilet flushers...thats ironical. stoked that you peaced those fools.